As you know, the human hair lace front wig wears more comfortable and beautiful than synthetic hair wig. So, more and more worldwide women buy the human hair wigs.  They are worthy the money you invest. I believe you must learn many tips about how to care the human hair wig. Now, I will give you some tips which are based on personal experience.

lace front wigs


Lace Front Wigs or Front lace wigs are wigs that are designed with a sheer lace base that is attached in the front beyond the hairline of the wig. It does not envelop as much of the wearer's head as full lace wigs do, covering only the front of the head and running from ear to ear. Due to the nature of the wig, it is impossible to see where the lace starts or ends, creating the image of a natural hairline. The wig can be made with synthetic hair or with human hair that is tied to a lace base. Human hair wigs look more natural and are easier to style as well as being easier to maintain.

This style of wigs is designed to blend with the wearer's natural skin, and some lace wigs also have a form of baby hair around the temple areas that is used to cover up any visible signs of lace on the forehead, creating a realistic hairline.

Front lace wigs come in different shapes and sizes. The lace front wig allows the wearer to choose a hairline. The lace is only in the front half of the wig, to allow the wearer to part the hair any way he or she want.

  • Do lace front wigs need to be stored differently?

Good question! No, they do not. Storing your wigs appropriately is an essential part of making sure that they always look their best. Because if you wear a beautiful wig, you will be pretty dazzling. Storing lace front wigs and other wigs should never be a difficult and complicated task. But it is very important that you remember to store them properly so that they remain in peak condition.

  • How do you store lace front wigs?

Lace front wigs, just like any other wigs, can be huge parts of our every day grooming. We work to keep them perfect so that every time we go to use them, we can look our best! It is easy to neglect the care of your wigs if things get too busy, but tricks that will prolong the life of your lace front wigs do exist!

Taking proper care of your lace front wigs is an essential part of making sure that it continues to look amazing and beautiful. And one of the best ways to achieve this is to make sure that your wigs stay out the direct sunlight, dust and excess heat. Just be sure to always store your front lace wig in a cool and dust free environment. These elements do not bode well for the health of your wig. What’s more, your wigs should stay away from your children and pets who will play with your cool wig and break it.

lace front wigs

In addition, if it is a wig that you wear often, what you better to do is to store the wig on a wig hanger, wig stand, or styrofoam head. When buying a styrofoam head, it is important to select one that is fit for the shape and size of your head. Therefore, your wig cannot be knotted and messy.

In some cases, you might have a wide selection of wigs, so you will not always be wearing the same one over and over again. If you do not have the room for open air storage, you can place your front wig in a plastic bag. And you’d better cover the hair with hair net.