Hair is the first thing which is noticed by everyone when they met any man or a woman. All people are very conscious about the health of their hair. Especially, women spent a lot of time on the maintenance of their hair. They use good quality shampoos and hair tonic to keep them healthy and shiny. Most of the women face hair fall at different stages of their life.

Normally, 50 to 100 hair falls daily. They can be observed on the pillows, in combs or hair brushes. If the quantity of the hair shedding increases, it means the time has come to take the advice from a specialist like a beautician, hair stylist or a dermatologist.

Beauticians and Hair stylists normally recommend the use of wigs to enhance your personality looks. There are many types of wigs of different make and designs in the market. We are making the most stylish designs of 100% human hair wigs at very affordable prices in the name of “Sunwell Wigs”. These can be purchased on-line by visiting our website

human hair lace front wigs 

Usage of Wigs:

People start using wigs when they feel that they have loss much hair. Their level of confidence decreases due to rapid hair fall. They cannot make proper and attractive hair styles publically to attend different important gatherings like interviews, conferences, meetings and social gatherings.

The wigs may be made up of 100% human hair or synthetic and are available in the market. The human hair wigs are strongly recommended due to the following reasons: 

They look natural, and its maintenance is comparatively easy. These wigs may be washed weekly to avoid any smell. These can be easily dyed or styled in different ways to give new looks. 

There are many companies which are making human hair wigs. Among them "Sunwell wigs" is one of the best available in the market. You may select a wig which suits your personality through Sunwell wigs. The Sunwell Wigs are making two types of wigs namely Full Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs. The main characteristics of both the type of wigs are given below:

 Full Lace Wigs: The full lace wig is made of 100% human hair. It is made of silky, straight and natural. They give confidence as they look 100% natural. The hair of these wigs can be straightened, curled or dyed. The medium size Sunwell wigs with comb can be easily adjusted on most of the women's head whereas the small and large size should be ordered accordingly. 

Lace Front Wigs: Lace Front wigs are made of 100% human hair. They give natural look and designed to enhance the confidence and beauty of women. Lace Front wigs are also available in different sizes and colors by Sunwell Wigs at a reasonable price. The prices, colors, and styles of different types of Sunwell Wigs can be viewed by visiting our website 

Lace Wigs-How to prevent Hair Shedding 

You have to take proper care for your human hair wigs to avoid too much problem of hair shedding. There are few maintenance tips for human hair wigs which will help in protecting them from hair shedding. 

Before wearing the wigs, first time and after every wash, turn it inside out and seal the knots of your wig. Then spray on the net and leave it till it is fully dry. Now you can wear it. It is very important to keep your Lace Wigs (human hair wigs) clean. You have to wash it regularly at least once in a week. The dirt and hair product build up in the wig is one of the major reasons for hair shedding. 

Avoid usage of high-level alcoholic products directly on the hair of the wigs. These products result in damaging the hair of the wig and become a reason for its breakage and shedding.

 Before wearing a wig, you must treat your head with a good quality shampoo along with a conditioner and then apply an oil on your scalp to moisturize it so that to avoid any kind of itching. Remember do not scratch on the head while wearing a wig as this may result in hair shedding.

 Do not use the hair dryer on your human hair wigs. The heat of the dryer damages the hair of your wig. Allow your wig to air dry naturally. If it is an emergency and you need to use a hair dryer, then ensure that it is in cooling mode. 

You must not allow any glue or other adhesive residues to accumulate on your lace as it will result in shedding. Therefore, you must properly clean your human hair wigs when you remove it. 

Do not use a bristle brush to comb your human hair wig, always use a ventilated hair wigs brush to comb your unit. Remember, you should comb your human hair wig by holding the hair up so that the pressure on knots may be avoided. 

Comb your human hair wigs thoroughly before washing and ensure it that it is good and even. Never comb your human hair wigs when they are wet. 

Wrap a scarf or a hair cover on your head while sleeping, so that any hair breakage or shedding of your full lace human hair wigs may be prevented. The satin or silk scarf will reduce the friction when you move your head during sleep. Wear your full lace human hair wigs when you sleep and put them in a ponytail to avoid it from tangle during the sleep. These sleeping habits while sleeping with wearing the human hair wigs increase the useful life of the wigs. 

Make sure to seal the knots of your lace human hair wigs after every washing by spraying a light spray of knot sealer on the knots of the wig cap. Turn over your human hair wigs inside out to ensure the protection of the left behind hair with a plastic bag. 

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