Sunwell wigs offer 100% Virgin human hair wigs. They are sourced from young women and checked for high quality, and you will have instantly long silky soft, smooth hair, at your fingertips. Your Sunwell wig will be an investment, and you need to take care of your lace front wig, to make sure that has the longest lifespan so that you can enjoy it for the maximum amount of time. All wigs have a limited lifespan, but there are steps that you must take, when you are styling your hair or cleaning it, to make sure that your Sunwell wig is cared for, and will last a long time.

how to care lace wigs

 Grime Build Up

Styling products and oils from your own hair will build up over time. Grime develops in your own hair, and on your wig. It is recommended that you wash your own hair regularly, to avoid a build-up of grime, especially as it can move to your wig. This can damage your wig and your hair. It is best to use a professional service to clean your wig and keep it in the best condition. Experts will use the right techniques, and special products to treat your human hair lace front wig. Wash your own hair regularly. 

Fitting and Removing Your Lace Front Wig

To prevent damage to your Sunwell wig you need to be gentle when you are fitting it or removing your wig. A wig stand is recommended to store your wig when you are not wearing it. This will preserve the shape of your wig, and keep the hair from tangling. It is also the best way to style your hair. A wig box is also needed if you are planning to travel and will protect your wig. 

Never Blow Dry Your Hair Straight

Human hair is stronger than synthetic hair, and there are many ways to style your hair, but, it is important to remember that your wig hair is attached to the wig, using chemical bonds, or a tying technique. These bonds will be damaged by high heat and force.Your wig will loose hair, if you try to blow dry wig hair using a high heat setting, and use force. The force of the air will also affect the bonds. 

Lowest Heat Setting Only 

Human hair on a Sunwell wig does not have natural oils or vitamins, from the scalp. It can dry us more easily, and be damaged. It is very important to use the lowest heat setting when you use styling tools, like hair irons, or a dryer. You must use heat protection products on your human hair, as these will help to maintain the condition of the hair. The best way to style human wig hair is to use rollers, to set wet hair. That is not always practical, so be sure to use gentle heat only, when styling. Never use irons, or dry, too close to the root area. 

Home Cleaning

Home washing is not recommended, but if you wash your Sunwell win at home you will need to be very careful. You can not wash your 100% human hair wig, in the same way, that you would wash your own hair. You have to use special products, and techniques when you wash a wig, otherwise you will damage your wig and the hair. 

How To Wash

You will need to use Soak your wig in a basin of cool water, a shower may be better if hair is longer, but generally, you should use the basin. Do not apply shampoo to the root area. It is recommended that you use wig friendly shampoos, as these are very gentle. Never use shampoo with parabens or alcohol, as these will dry out the hair. Baby shampoo can be used. Condition the ends of the hair only. 

Dry, Condition And Lock In Moisture

Human wig hair must be treated carefully. You will need to gently squeeze out excess water, and wrap your wig in a towel. Pat, it dries gently and unfolds it. Place it on your wig stand, and apply a leave in conditioner. This is essential, as you need to lock in moisture. You must only use a wide tooth comb to detangle the hair and be gentle at the root area. 

Never Sleep With Your Wig On

Sleeping with your wig on will damage the hair, and it will loose shape. Always remove your wig before you go to bed, and put it on your wig stand. This is the best way to make sure that your wig has the longest lifespan. A wig will loose hair, over time, but you do not want to loose hair, by leaving it on, when you sleep. 

Do Not Expose Your Hair To Chlorine or Salt

You must never swim with your wig on. Salt water and chlorine will damage your hair. It is not recommended that you expose your Sunwell wig to the harsh environment of a swimming pool, or sea. Your virgin human hair will be dried out by the harsher chemicals, and need to be washed and reconditioned, quickly, if you do swim with your wig. You will need to deep condition the hair, as salt and chlorine are dehydrating to your hair. 

Making Your Lace Front Wig Last A Long Time
It may seem like there are many steps to follow, but your Sunwell virgin human hair wig will look its best if you look after it carefully. 

Remember that although your Sunwell wig is made from human hair, it can’t be washed or styled, in the same way, that you would style your own hair. 

Remember to avoid high heat settings, use heat protection products, and to use a professional wig cleaning service. Always use a wig stand, and, if you do wash your Sunwell wig at home, be sure to use the right products, and techniques, to avoid damaging your wig.   

By taking care of your Sunwell wig, you will extend the lifespan of your beautiful hair, and be able to enjoy wearing it, in great condition.